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Visionary Health is a compounding pharmacy, where we take the time to formulate and prepare an individual therapy to treat your unique needs.

We offer you a team of experienced practitioners who will work with you to optimise your health.

Each day we have pharmacists, naturopaths, and herbalists available to talk to you free of charge.

Who We Are

Our Experts

Roch Shamley

Medical Herbalist, Nutritionist


Roch uses his skills and experience to combine and use many healing modalities in the treatment of a wide range of acute and chronic disease states. Even though he is semi-retired, Roch hasn’t stopped learning and remains dedicated to our industry.

Roch maintains a strong interest in natural health by staying up to date with the latest research. By doing this he can continue to pass on state of the art knowledge to our staff and customers.

Mish Keats



Mish has a passion for food and all things healthy, she lives it and breathes it. She loves working with people who are looking to improve their health but need individualised help regarding foods which may work best for them. Mish enjoys helping families gain better health, with a particular interest in babies and children. She also has loads of experience in treating gut issues in people of all ages.

Jo Roberts-Thomson



Jo loves to support customers with compassion and gentle wisdom, and has knowledge and experience in emotional and mental health as well as physical health. Jo also loves to learn new things and stays up to date with the latest research. Menopause, adrenal fatigue and autoimmune disease are other areas she has a special interest in. She believes in supporting the body’s innate wisdom and healing ability using gentle and natural treatments.

Lorraine Keast

Medical Herbalist


Lorraine takes a holistic approach to both mental and physical health and loves to connect with people by giving support, empathy and encouragement. She feels that she can contribute to improving your health and wellbeing, and looks forward to meeting you.

Lorraine believes that the team of practitioners here offer such a broad range of knowledge that we’ll be able to help you in some way.

Sarah MacGurin



Sarah brings her many years of experience to her work as well as an amazing quest for knowledge in natural medicine. She believes that prevention is better than cure. Sarah specialises in treating digestive complaints (including SIBO), immune support, autoimmune conditions, allergies, thyroid, skin conditions, kids health, stress and adrenal fatigue, sleep issues, pyrrole and MTHFR support. Complex cases are her speciality.

Emma Wink



Emma has been a naturopath for over 16 years and in the natural health industry for 20 years so has a wealth of experience to share with our customers.

She specialises in hormones, fertility, weight management and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Emma loves to use food as a medicine and has loads of dietary advice to give.

Our Story

A Different Approach

Visionary Health first started in 1999 as an idea of local Newcastle pharmacist, Roch Shamley. Roch thought that people needed to have access to natural therapists, and their knowledge, free of charge.

Roch’s years as an expert pharmacist gave him the experience to see that people wanted more than regular medications – he felt that they wanted to learn more about the benefits of alternative health. So Roch studied natural therapies under the much-revered medical herbalist Denis Stewart, and became a qualified medical herbalist himself. His passion and enthusiasm for natural medicine is now stronger than ever.

After 2 years, Roch invited fellow Novocastrian Alan Malouf to join him at Visionary Health. Roch and Alan owned a pharmacy just down the road, but saw that customers’ future health would be best served by a different approach. This meant as well as having a herbal dispensary, they would open a pharmacological compounding laboratory at Visionary Health to be able to make customised medicines.

Alan has an equal passion for compounding as well as natural medicine. Alan’s thirst for knowledge means he’s always reading up on the latest research. He has a strong desire to help customers and offer them the latest information across a wide range of therapies.

We currently have naturopaths, medical herbalists, and lab technicians on our staff, all ready to help you in whichever way they can. Please drop in, phone us, or email us to talk about how we can help you optimise your health.

What we Do

Sourcing Only the Highest Quality Ingredients & Products

At Visionary Health, we believe that you can only achieve your optimum health if we use premium quality ingredients in our preparations. It is a priority of ours to source those ingredients from reputable suppliers. Our main compounding laboratory ingredient supplier is PCCA (Professional Compounding Chemists of Australia). As part of their rigorous quality testing, PCCA ingredients undergo 14 checks and analyses on each chemical lot as it comes in to stock. If those ingredients pass this rigorous testing, they are repacked at their TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) approved facility where they are then distributed to pharmacies.

Our herbal dispensary is stocked with over 180 different herbal extracts. We have 2 main suppliers, one is Medi Herb, the other is Optimal Rx. Medi Herb is an Australian company renowned for producing herbal extracts of the highest quality. As part of their quality commitment, Medi Herb carefully sources and rigorously tests all raw materials in TGA-certified laboratories before production continues. These processes ensure consistent quality extracts with active constituents guaranteed at minimum levels. Because of Medi Herb’s specialised knowledge and experience in phyto-chemistry, they can remove risk of mis-identification of raw materials, variability, contamination and adulteration, therefore producing a superior product.

Optimal Rx is a 100% Australian owned and managed company. Their liquid herbal extracts are manufactured from the finest raw materials which are authenticated by independent botanists. A significant proportion of raw material is sourced from New Zealand and the remainder from international growers. The company places a strong emphasis on sustainability and environmental issues when sourcing raw herbal materials. Optimal Rx herbal liquids are manufactured by PhytoMed in New Zealand in a TGA/cGMP (cGMP-certified Good Manufacturing Practice) facility using proven traditional methods, state of the art equipment and extensive experience. Optimal Rx uses Southern Cross University Phytotherapy Laboratory to independently test a selection of their herbal extracts. These measures ensure a consistent and outstanding quality product.

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