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Dental Health

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Visionary Health can assist Dental Practitioners with dental problems that patients may have.  Some of the more commonly prescribed items are:

  • Local Anaesthetic mouth gels – flavoured to the patient’s choice

  • Mouth ulcer treatments with Lignocaine and Chlorhexidine etc.

  • Alcohol free mouthwash

  • Tranexamic acid haemostatic rinses for Warfarin and anti-coagulation patients, Haemophilia patients and patients who have post-operative bleeding

  • Phosphoric Acid 38% dental etch

  • EDTA chelating solution for debriding root canals

  • Bleaching/whitening gels

  • Dry mouth saliva gels

  • Dry mouth troches for Sjogren’s Syndrome/ Sicca Syndrome

  • Candida – oral thrush

  • Chloral hydrate/Diazepam syrup as a paediatric relaxant

Flavours include:  Spearmint, Peppermint, Lemon, Lime, Pina Colada, Strawberry,Aniseed, Orange, Marshmellow and  Bubble Gum.

Call in to Visionary Health or contact us to order the programme.