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Herbal Dispensary

Herbal Medicine uses various remedies derived from plants and plant extracts to treat disorders and maintain good health.

The value of herbal extracts cannot be denied as their therapeutic values have been proven by millions of people around the World. The W.H.O. (World Health Organization) estimates that 75% of the world’s population rely on herbs and botanic medicine for their health care.  Some 25% of modern drugs have been derived from plants.

The search for new drugs derived from plants has been accelerated in recent years.  Microbiologists and botanists are combing the world for new phytochemicals from plants which could be developed for treatment of various diseases.

You do not have to go any further in the World than here at Visionary Health.  Patients suffering from an ailment should call in and discuss their sickness.  The herbalists at Visionary Health could, sooner than you think, formulate a treatment for the health problem/s.  Some of our treatments are listed below:

Herbal Formulations and their Uses:

  • Psoriasis tonicLymphatic and systemic cleaner, aids liver function
  • Immune tonicPersistent repeated infections – great benefit after antibiotics 
  • Liver Gut Lymphatic tonicComplete body detoxification, liver cleaner
  • Prostate tonicMaintains health; relaxes prostate
  • Sleep tonicRelaxes nerves to promote a restful night’s sleep
  • Adrenal tonicStress, exhausting debility, chronic illness energy
  • Upper respiratory tonicSinusitis, glue ear, congested mucus, upper respiratory tract infection
  • Kids Immune tonic Boosts immune system; useful for congestion; tastes great
  • Acne tonicTeenage skin balancer (hormone imbalance)
  • Memory tonicBrain and memory enhancement – focus and concentration
  • Sinus/hayfever tonicFor all allergic reactions – anti-bacterial and healing
  • Liver tonicBlood cleanser – overall energy boost
  • Astragalus 8 tonicImmune stimulation chronic fatigue syndrome – energy
  • Digestive bitters tonic Simple, effective digestive aid, cuts bloating, flatulence and dyspepsia
  • Weight loss tonicStimulates metabolic rate to assist weight loss
  • Energy boost tonicGreat pick-up when feeling flat
  • Chaste tree tonicPituitary normalizing herbs balance hormones, PMS
  • Congested cough mixturePhlegm/wet cough relief – lifts congestion
  • Dry cough mixtureSoothing to all irritating persistent coughs
  • Herbal Mouth WashFreshens breath naturally
  • Herbal Throat SprayPuff onto sore throat membrane
  • Cold Sore LotionDries up cold sore lesion quickly; kills the virus
  • Hangover TonicStomach normaliser; liver and blood detoxifier
  • Organic Echinacea extractAll round immune enhancement
  • Echinacea and Zinc tonicPowerful immune stimulant; wound healing
  • Cleaning ladyAll catarrhal conditions, sore ears, sinusitis (Homeopathic)
  • Anti-inflammatorySwollen, painful joints – injury and overuse, bruising (Homeopathic)
  • Anti-nauseaSafe to use during pregnancy, travel and chemotherapy (Homeopathic)
  • Bach Flower Rescue RemedyFor shock and stressful situations
  • Bach Flower Rescue SleepNatural sleep aid