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Insomnia is the inability to fall asleep or inability to remain asleep.  Insomnia may have many causes, such as stress, anxiety, breathing problems, chronic pain, use of stimulants such as coffee, vitamin deficiencies, or restless legs syndrome.

Long term insomnia has been associated with poor health. Hormone imbalance can also be a cause of Insomnia, particularly in menopausal women.

This is due to the change in oestrogen and progesterone levels and therefore highlights the importance of a balance in hormones being maintained. Insomnia can be treated at different levels and by addressing different deficiencies.

Some remedies include:

  • Relaxing herbal fluid extract tonics
  • Stress reducing Bach flower homeopathic drops
  • Combination herbal capsules
  • Compounded mineral magnesium glycinate capsules
  • Compounded synergistic mineral magnesium glycinate with amino acid tryptophan or 5-hydroxytryptophan and Vitamin B co-factors
  • Compounded natural progesterone hormone
  • Compounded sustained release melatonin capsules, suspensions and drops.